Hackers, Crackers, and Script Kiddies

  • Cracker: technologically skilled person who uses his or her skills to obtain unauthorized entry into computers or networks of computers to damage the system’s software, or even the system’s hardware
  • Computer forensics experts (ethical hackers): computer sleuths are hired to probe computers and locate information that can be used in legal proceedings
  • Dedicated programmer who enjoys writing complex code that tests the limits of technology
  • Computer professionals consider being called a hacker a compliment; the media and the general public often use the term to describe those who use their skills for ill purposes
  • White hat hacker and black hat hacker make the distinction between those who use their skills for good and those who use their talents to commit illegal acts
Virus tool kits:
  • Script-writing programs that allow novices to create their own viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
  • Menu-driven tools that give almost anyone the ability to generate troublesome programs without the need to write a single line of code
Script kiddies: derisive term coined by crackers with programming skills to describe people who use virus tool kits

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