Unforgettable memories on my 21st Birthday

fists of all i don’t know what should i say , i just wanna say thank you very very very much to Kak Annisa Sarwidya and Diah dwi Hapsari for surprise on my 21st Birthday …………. Thanks A lot ….

30 JULI 2013 @ kuala lumpur

it was very amazing strategics , kak nissa invite me and diah to have breakfasting together , we are looking a restaurant around pavilion almost the restaurant are full , finally we got the seafood restaurant … kak nissa ask permission she said she wanna call some one,but actually she buy a birthday cake for me … food was very nice

IMG-20130731-00097       IMG-20130731-00098      IMG-20130731-00099

the view of the restaurant

IMG-20130731-00093     IMG-20130731-00094     IMG-20130731-00095 IMG-20130731-00096

very nice ………………………

restaurant waitress have their own birthday song , during we had breakfasting in other table ada juga yang birthday … jreng tiba2  waitress restaurant datang rame2 sambil teriak everybody stand up , some of us are birthday today .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ….. i just laughing out loud , i don’t know it will happened , okeh we continue to eat .. we finish breakfasting it .. diah and kak nissa whisper i dont what they talking about , finally when we want going back … tiba2 pelayan restaurant datang lg bawa kue , dalam hati gw banyak banget yang ngerayain ulang tahun disini .. tiba2 si pelayan berhenti dimeja gw sambil teriak2 bawa kue … gw nya ngok ngok masih belum sadar apa kagat ya hahahah … what the hell it was very surprise on my 21st Birthday ……… thank kak Annisa Sarwidya and Diah dwi hapsari …….. hahahah LOL


        photo3 photo4photo7 photo5 photo6


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