How to create network sharing in Ubuntu


Create a Static IP adress

I like to give it a static ip address as I believe is easier.

1. Click on Networks Devices (It’s on the top of the screen with two arrows one going up the other down).

2. Click Edit connections.

3. Highlight your network connection and then click Edit.

4. Click IPv4 Settings tab.

5. Choice method as Manual.

6. Click Add, then put your network settings.

7. Click Save.


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File Compression and Archiving with Gzip, Zip, and Tar in Linux

Compressing with Gzip and Zip

Compressed files use less disk space and download faster than large, uncompressed files. You can compress Linux files with the open-source compression tool Gzip or with Zip, which is recognized by most operating systems.

By convention, compressed files are given the extension .gz. The command Gzip creates a compressed file ending with .gz; Gunzip extracts the compressed files and removes the .gz file.

To compress a file, at a shell prompt, type the following command:

gzip filename.ext

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