Best 10 Hacking Apps For Android for pentesters, hobbyists and researches

Here’s a look at the Top 10 hacking apps for Android smartphones and tablets

Linux is regarded as the best operating system for ethical hacking and penetration testing also called pentesting. There are various hacking apps available for Android, as it is a Linux based operating system. If you want to test out vulnerabilities and find bugs, you need a solid hacking tool to back your research up.

Below is a list of Android hacking applications that will convert your Android device into a hacking machine.


AndroRAT is a remote administration tool for Android devices. In other words, it is basically a client server application. The aim of the remote administration tool is to give control of the Android system remotely and retrieve information from it.


(Phone call only) SpoofApp let’s you to place (spoof) calls with any caller ID number. You need SpoofCards to spoof calls, which are sold separately. It also includes some other features such as voice changer, which allows you to change your voice while using it. Additionally, it also allows you to record the whole conversation. You will receive a free 5 minute SpoofCard when you install the app for the first time. Continue reading “Best 10 Hacking Apps For Android for pentesters, hobbyists and researches”


Hackers, Crackers, and Script Kiddies

  • Cracker: technologically skilled person who uses his or her skills to obtain unauthorized entry into computers or networks of computers to damage the system’s software, or even the system’s hardware
  • Computer forensics experts (ethical hackers): computer sleuths are hired to probe computers and locate information that can be used in legal proceedings
  • Dedicated programmer who enjoys writing complex code that tests the limits of technology
  • Computer professionals consider being called a hacker a compliment; the media and the general public often use the term to describe those who use their skills for ill purposes
  • White hat hacker and black hat hacker make the distinction between those who use their skills for good and those who use their talents to commit illegal acts
Virus tool kits:
  • Script-writing programs that allow novices to create their own viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
  • Menu-driven tools that give almost anyone the ability to generate troublesome programs without the need to write a single line of code
Script kiddies: derisive term coined by crackers with programming skills to describe people who use virus tool kits

How to jailbreak your APPLE DEVICE

The process to Jailbreak iPhone is definitely not that complicated as you think. All you need is the right tool to do it and a guide that will provide you with everything that you need to know about the process. So, what will be provided to you here is all the information that you need about this subject.

Here’s how you can properly do it, without calling a technician or going to a shop which will charge you a lot:

1. Download The Software

First of all, you need to download the needed tools. You can do that here: Jailbreak Tools

2. Connect Your Apple Device To Your Computer

Using the USB connector of your device, link it to your computer. Wait for your computer to recognize your gadget. If it does not automatically recognize it, go to the control panel of your computer and launch the hardware manually.

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ARP Spoofing

Install paket arpspoof

root@alfian:~# apt-get install dsniff

Membuat komputer target terputus dengan komputer lain

root@alfian:~# arpspoof -i wlan0 -t

Membuat komputer target terputus dengan semua komputer

root@alfian:~# arpspoof -i wlan0

untuk berhenti tekan cntl + z

reset password phpmyadmin

hai guys ….

sedikit catatan hari ini tentang reset password php my admin , sedikit kisah tentang ini bermula di saat server di kantor tidak bisa login ke ipaddress.add/phpmyadmin , ada database yang harus di selesaikan disana than browsing2 akhirnya dapat deh cara untuk reset passwordnya ..

this is the way to reset , follow yups
1. Langkah awalnya adalah mematikan service mysqld nya dahulu, dengan command seperti ini, tapi sebelumnya kalian sudah harus masuk ke root :

root@admin~#/etc/init.d/mysql stop

2. Setelah msql berhenti, selanjutnya aktifkan kembali dengan menambahkan command –skip-grant-tables –user=root , option tersebut dipilih agar membypass (skip) proses autentifikasi, caranya dengan ketik :

root@admin~#mysqld_safe –skip-grant-table –user=root

3. Langkah selanjutnya masuk ke mysql, dengan cara ketik command:

root@admin~#mysql -u roo

4. Didalam mysql inilah, kita rubah password user, disini kita menggunakan user root, dengan cara ketik:

mysql>UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘MyNewPassword’) WHERE user=’root’;


5. Setelah selesai, kita restart service mysql-nya, caranya ketik :

root@admin~#/etc/init.d/mysql restart

terima kasih banyak saya ucapkan kepada

atas tulisannya