How to install virtue mark on joomla

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Getting the files

Step 1

Download the latest stable version of VirtueMart from this location:

At the top of the download page you will also notice test versions. These may include new features and bug fixes as well as some new bugs. Using these versions on a life internet site is not recommended. Please use test versions for testing only! Continue reading “How to install virtue mark on joomla”


How to create database on computer

saya menulis ini untuk kawan2 yang coba menginstall wordpress dan joomla atau sejenisnya di computernya , jadi sebelum penginstalan , terlebih dahulu di perlukan database nya , so how to create user and database .. okeh follow me

Open your terminal

Go ahead and log into the MySQL Shell:

mysql -u root -p

Login using your MySQL root password, and then we need to create a wordpress database, a user in that database, and give that user a new password. Keep in mind that all MySQL commands must end with semi-colon.

First, let’s create theĀ  the database name

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